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[Beta] 0.15.0 Beta Brings Back Realms

0.15.0 is bringing back one of the most anticipated Minecraft pocket Edition features. In the new 0.15.0 snapshot, Mojang’s brought back just one feature- pocket realms. It’s been 3 years since realms were introduced to Minecraft PE- then removed soon after.


Screenshot from realms in 0.8.1

You may be familiar with realms from the same feature in Minecraft PC, or maybe even from the original pocket realms in 0.8.1. They’re the easy servers purchaseable from Mojang, 100% stable, and 100%.

Currently, while they’re in beta, they’re totally free, though that’s going to change when they’re properly released.

To play online, you’ll need an Xbox Live account so nobody can steal your username and pretend to be you. Servers are cross platform- they’re joinable from iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and of course, WIndows 10 Edition.

Ready to play? You can join the 0.15.0 beta on Android here.

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