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[Beta] MCPE 0.15.0 Beta – Build 1

Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s 0.15.0 (beta for Android) is here, and it includes a huge amount of additions and fixes. Clearly, the developers worked long and hard on this one! Below we’ve included a change log.

New Features

  • Mysterious, as-yet-unspecified friendliness
  • Pistons and sticky pistons!
  • Observer blocks: new blocks that can detect changes in neighboring blocks
  • Xbox Live Achievements on iOS and Android
  • Online multiplayer with Xbox Live friends!
  • Leads, horses and dyeable horse armor!
  • Fire charges
  • Pig riding!
  • A whole new UI for the main menu, shared with the Windows 10 Edition
  • You can now tip arrows using a cauldron and potions!
  • Husk zombies in the desert
  • Stray skeletons in tundras
  • Different villages in taigas and savannahs
  • Skeleton horse traps!


  • Online play uses less bandwidth now
  • Note blocks are a lot louder now
  • Walking far from spawn generates a lot less jittering now
  • Added more mob eggs to the creative menu

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a lot of crashes!
  • Fixed a couple of bugs causing data to be lost or world corruption
  • A whole bunch of redstone fixes from the community feedback
  • Lots of multiplayer desynchronization fixes
  • Nether wart looks different when planted
  • Less flickering of the block selection highlight!
  • Glass doesn’t become green anymore
  • Fixed chests generation in dungeons and desert temples

Please note that for now, this new (beta) version is only available on the Android device platform.

How do I get the beta?

  1. Visit this page, and tap on the large, blue Become a Tester button.
  2. Once you’ve become a tester, the update will be available for you in the Google Play store (or it may take a few hours) if you already have the game downloaded. Otherwise, you will have to download the game (once again, the update might not come to your device right away).

This is a beta version, which means there will 100% be bugs. Please report any you find here.

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  • Fuchs commented on 17/06/2016 Reply

    What happened to command blocks

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