[News] 2nd InPvP Invitational + Other News

As said in our last post regarding the InPvP Invitational that was recently held this past weekend, the event was a great success. On the InPvP Mobcrush channel (which doesn’t include the participants who streamed and had their viewers watch), over 3,500 people watched as YouTubers and streamers came together to play some mini-games, hold giveaways, and other cool activities.

We predicted in our last post when we said given the amount of success InPvP had with this event, there would most likely be another one held not long from now, which thankfully, was correct. InPvP Invitational #2 will be held sometime in April, the team says.

Along with that news, InPvP has also said that they will be announcing something big this week, which was apparently talked about during the Invitational event live stream.

If you missed the event and don’t feel like going back to watch the 120+ minute-long live stream, feel free to check out the highlight reel InPvP put together, located at the top of this post.

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