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[News] InPvP: New Cosmetic Particles

InPvP, those guys we write about all the time, just announced a very cool new feature coming to their servers.

Seeing as InPvP Nova currently has no rank system (like Lifeboat’s VIP and UberVIP), it’d make sense that these new cosmetics will be available to all players.

Will the wing, trails, and halos be the only particle effects available? We know just as much as you do, which means we really don’t know. Hopefully InPvP announces more soon about these new and upcoming cosmetic particles.

InPvP tweeted a GIF to show off these new particles (which you can see above). I do not play much on their servers, which means this could have been there for all this time and I had no idea; but from what I can tell, if you look in the background of that GIF, you can see a new yellow wall. What is it? InPvP hasn’t said anything about it, therefore we have no way of knowing.

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