[News] InPvP’s New Control Center

Recently, we covered the news that InPvP Nova had announced their new in-game cosmetic particles, which included ones like the new halos, wings, and more. Further into the article, we wrote about noticing a new yellow wall in the background of the GIF InPvP tweeted, but we didn’t know exactly what it was about.

The InPvP team was kind enough to show us what this new feature will be.

It’s called the Control Center, where players will be able to manage their cosmetics, their pets, view their statistics, and change their player settings.


The cosmetics are great. There are four different types of categories (Trails, Halos, Cloaks, and Armors), and each one includes lots of choices to choose from.


This is the Cloaks menu. There are eight different types of cosmetics to choose from in this category. Keep in mind, when choosing, you always have a pleasant preview of what you will look like to other players to the right of the control center wall.


This is the Flame Helix, and it’s really cool!


The Bubble Helix


You can remove your particles by clicking the the sign with the red remove text.


Like we showed earlier, there are different types of cosmetics. Here is the (very awesome) Heart particle from the Halos category.


This one is my personal favorite; the Purple + Black halo.


There are many more halos to choose from (a total of 26).


Here is a preview of the Rainbow particle from the Trails category.



To give you an overview of how many cosmetics you have to choose from in each of the four categories, there are a total of 62 combined: 23 trails, 26 halos, 8 cloaks, and 5 armors.

From this screenshot, you can see that each sign shows the word “unlocked”. From this, we can predict that these cosmetics will most likely not be given to players straight away. They will need to be unlocked through achievements, winning games, etc. With that being said, this is a prediction, and we could potentially be wrong.


So that’s InPvP’s all new control center feature. We really appreciate them giving us an inside on what it’s all about. If you are wondering when the new control center will become available, the answer is today, along with their all new Sky Wars game mode, and a website update (http://inpvp.net).

P.S. We do apologize for the poor quality images.

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