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[News] Lifeboat Network’s New ‘Swordfish’

Lifeboat, Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s largest server network, has updated their back-end database and API site. They call it: Swordfish

To many, this might seem confusing. How will this improve their servers? Why should you care about this anyways? Here’s what Lifeboat says in their blog post:

  • No longer do you have to login whenever switching servers! Swordfish will remember who you are during your session, so less typing and more gaming.
  • Will speed up database connections, leading to faster load time.
  • Remember those stats you keep asking about? They’re on their way thanks to Swordfish!
  • Able to handle HUGE amounts of players, so tell your friends to login!
  • Will serve as the basis for new awesome features, like rankings and in-game economy.

Really, that’s all the important things to know about this new update.

This new software was completely custom-built by Rex Discher, Lifeboat says; so this definitely deserves some appreciation.

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