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The Better Server Network: InPvP Nova vs. Lifeboat Network

InPvP and Lifeboat are two of the most popular server networks within the Minecraft: Pocket Edition community. They both feature fun mini-games for all ages, and strive to provide friendly, positive communities. So the big question is, which one is better?

To answer that, no one server is truly better than the other. It’s all, clearly, opinion based. Let’s very briefly compare the two.


Lifeboat Network: Survival Games, Capture the Flag, Bounty Hunter, Sky Wars, Frontier, Teams, Spleef, & Fleet
InPvP Nova: Block Hunt, TNT Run, Sky Wars, & Build Battles

Support (via Twitter)

Lifeboat Network: A response from their support team usually takes between 1-2 days (or longer) due to the high amount of tweets they receive from customers/players. This isn’t very good, though it could easily be fixed with additional support representatives.
InPvP Nova: You can expect a reply from their team usually within 12 hours.

Kits/Ranks/Purchasable Products

Lifeboat Network: Offers purchasable ranks within their Lifeboat+ app on the iOS and Google Play store, as well as a variety of different kits for their game modes.
InPvP Nova: Since their revamp, InPvP no longer offers any ranks in the meantime, kits, or any purchasable products (for now).

This is all good information for a comparison, but it isn’t enough to really determine which server the community prefers. The only reason these networks, along the thousands of others, still exist, is because of their player bases.

We decided to ask around the community to see which server each person enjoyed playing on the most, and why. Here’s what they said.

ABAxStorm / InPvP Nova

“I like InPVP more than LBSG for a few reasons. One is, they have a theme for their server, which they run with to make the experience better for the players. LBSG really has no main theme involved. InPVP also offers more minigames, which are unique and not overly used. InPVP is also more geared toward the experience, rather than the money.  These few things make InPVP unique, and overall a better server than LBSG.”

iAmBawwwws / Lifeboat Network

Okay so I personally prefer Lifeboat. My reasons being since there are more players found on LB, games can start quicker without having to wait too long which I found to be a problem on InPvP with game modes like TNT Run. Lifeboat has more game modes and has cool features like pets and things to interact with (e.g: the signs that you can tap to get food. I thought that was cool.) Lifeboat’s lobby is massive and they have many places to explore even if it’s just in the main hub. Lifeboat has English speakers so I can actually communicate with people (though most are kids that are trying to hook up ?), as soon as I joined InPvP I couldn’t understand a thing anyone said in chat because of the language barriers. So LB allows me to communicate better with the players. Lastly, Lifeboat’s support is alright because they actually respond (I tried tweeting to InPvP but they never responded so that sucked.)

thunderbow98 / InPvP Nova

I’d say InPvP is my favorite of the two. While LBSG has been one of the longest running servers with a pretty good selection of mini games, (I give them mad props for it), InPvP is an equally big network that exploded in popularity and provides a fresh selection of unique games and really cool server themes. Space is pretty epic.

Daniel021500 / InPvP Nova

Well I really enjoy InPvP network because they are very responsive they do what us the players ask them if we want a new game too and their spawn is absolutely amazing. 🙂

imnofox / InPvP Nova

InPVP is superior. I like Blockhunt.

Cajun_MCPE / InPvP Nova

I like InPVP Nova better because it doesnt seem as pay-to-win as Lifeboat, also its a lot less laggy and doesn’t crash as much.

highprize180 / InPvP Nova

I’ll have to say InPvP. It has great minigames, good support for 0.15, and it’s pretty stable. Build Battle is my all time favorite.
FloBoi / InPvP Nova
InPVP; they have block hunt, and awesome mini-games that I love playing all the time; but, they are bad at keeping the server up. This makes me like LBSG, but InPVP has better mini-games too.
YTPocketGaming / InPvP Nova
I see InPVP with more of a pursuit to make a difference in the community because they actually listen to what the players want, and no offense to LBSG but they just don’t seem interested in what the community wants.
Z_MINER_MC / In-between
Personally, it really all depends on what I’m in the mood for. If I want a fast paced, really fun and easy, I go straight to inPVP. Their mini games are well developed, and just easy to slip into a game. Build Wars, and TNT Run are my absolute favorite, and I can’t wait to play skywars! Now if I have time to waste, and I want to REALLY get into a game, I’d have to choose lifeboat. Especially their survival games! It’s pretty much the only “go to” place for original survival games. Some of their other mini games are ok as well like spleef, and bounty hunters. But mostly I play survival games.
From the results of this survey, it’s easy to say InPvP Nova is the more liked network from this group of people.
Now the real question: which is your favorite?

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  • Mosgamer commented on 08/11/2018 Reply


  • Heebo commented on 19/07/2016 Reply

    InPvP staff are much nicer

    • Editor commented on 19/07/2016 Reply

      That’s nice of you to say about them.

  • Rein Teder commented on 19/07/2016 Reply

    My favorite is our network, the Lifeboat. I run it, so expect a bit of bias here, because I naturally run it in the way I think is best.

    Because we have such a large team of devs we are constantly developing new ‘firsts’, including:
    – hiding real-life prizes in chests (my favorite feature!)
    – regular e-sports.
    – Pets
    – Food in the lobby,
    – Context-based announcements

    Plus we have play testers scouring the network for glitches, striving for a better play experience.

    • Editor commented on 19/07/2016 Reply

      Thanks for sharing your opinions on the topic, Rein!

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