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[Mod] Top 5 MCPE Mods for Android

With so many amazing mods available, it’s hard to know which mods to pick. Luckily, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of our top 5 mods for Android, just so you don’t have to search through the hundreds of mods you could choose from.

#5: Waila PE

The “What Am I Looking At” mod is the easiest way to identify any block or entity in the game.


Simply stare directly at that block or entity, and a handy box pops up with the name, ID, and data value.

Made by ElvinDevs.

#4: Nether Villages

If you’ve ever felt the nether was a bit too empty, you’ll enjoy this mod, which adds small villages throughout your nether dimension.


Unfortunately, this mod is still in beta, so villages are vary rare and sometimes generate inside the mountains, but these villages are still fun to search for. It’s definitely worth watching Leonex86yt’s MCPE Universe profile for any updates he makes.

#3: Throwable Axes

If you’ve ever found hunting a bit … boring, then this mod might just tickle your fancy. As the name suggests, this mod adds throwable axes to the game.


While it would be amazing if you could through just regular axes, that would probably hurt your arm. Therefore, developer Jimbo_Acob made it so you must craft special throwable axes out of a normal axe and 8 feathers, so that they fly straight.

#2: Automatic Machine Gun


There’s not much cooler than a machine gun in Minecraft. Oh wait, there is! An automatic machine gun in Minecraft!

This cool mod by みでちゃん adds an automatic machine gun, crafted from just 2 gunpowder and 5 iron blocks. The gun will automatically detect hostile mobs and shoot them on sight. However, mobs may not enjoy the atack, so they try their hardest to destroy the gun. Make sure your gun is in a safe place!


#1: SinglePlayer Economy

Many multiplayer servers have cool economy functions, with trading, money, and more. This is a feature rarely seen in singleplayer, but by taking a different approach to the traditional economy idea, CatGirl678 has created an awesome singleplayer economy mod.


Using the fancy GUI, you can choose to be a miner or a lumberjack. If you’re a miner, you can make money by mining, or if you’re a lumberjack, you can make money by cutting down trees. You can quit a job at anytime.

You can then use this money to buy special items, like kits, diamonds, or the ability to set a spawnpoint.

It’s a creative solution to a gap in the large range of mods available. Definitely check this one out!

Disagree with any of my choices? Think I’ve missed something? Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to find out what your favourite mods are, or why you think these ones suck!

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