[Tutorial] How to Unlock Mobcrush Rank/Wings on InPvP Nova

InPvP Nova recently introduced their all new control center feature, which along with that allowed players to sport cool cosmetics in-game. Unfortunately, a lot of them are restricted to YouTubers only at the moment for testing purposes. With that being said, InPvP does allow any player with the Mobcrush rank to equip one specific cosmetic: the Mobcrush Wings. We’re going to show you how to unlock this feature.

First, if you don’t already have a Mobcrush and InPvP account, you will want to register those. To signup for a Mobcrush account, click here. To sign up for an InPvP account, navigate onto the InPvP servers in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (play.inpvp.net:19132), and trigger the the following command: /register (password). Your password can be anything you’d like, but don’t share it! Continue through the signup process.

Next, visit the InPvP website, and login.


Enter in your account information.


Once you login, click on your profile icon, then click Settings.


You will see a red colored popup message saying that you haven’t linked your Mobcrush account. Click on the “Add one now…” phrase.


A Mobcrush login menu will show. Continue to sign into your account.


Boom! Now you have the Mobcrush rank, which is required in-order to unlock the Mobcrush Wings.


Now, join back onto the InPvP Nova servers, and login (also pause to take a moment and show off your new Mobcrush rank). If you’re facing towards the wall of games, turn 180 degrees. You will notice a room with a yellow wall.

1 2

You will see four different categories, and want to tap on the Cosmetics sign.


Then tap on the Cloaks sign.


You will then notice the Mobcrush Wings option has appeared, but it is not yet activated.


By clicking on the sign, you will activate your wings.


Now, just as you did earlier with your new Mobcrush rank, go off and brag about your new Mobcrush Wings!



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  • MaxPlaysGamez commented on 07/08/2016 Reply

    Thanks a lot, bro. You’re awesome ^O^ Have a nice day!

  • AceGaming879 commented on 07/08/2016 Reply

    Can we be mobcrush and YouTube rank at the same time?

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