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[Lifeboat] Lifeboat is giving away 100 free t-shirts, and here’s how to win one

Lifeboat Network has great merchandise they sell, one of them being t-shirts. They’re known for running treasure hunts on their servers all the time that allow players to win free t-shirts. Earlier they announced a new way you can win one.

We love the Minecraft PE Community, and those who participate and play on the Lifeboat network. We have a tight-knit community and want to give back to you.

Winning a free Lifeboat tee is simple, and includes very basic steps.

  1. Upload a YouTube video with “LBSG” or “Lifeboat” in the title and description (the video must be about Lifeboat).
  2. Your video must exceed 100 views before submitting a form to receive your free shirt.
  3. If your video happens to reach 200 views, you have the ability to receive the all new black Lifeboat t-shirt (which looks awesome by the way).


Lifeboat includes additional details in their post that you can read here, which also has the form you submit to-to receive your tee.

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