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[News] Minecraft Windows 10 Getting Oculus Rift Support

A happy surprise for all Oculus Rift owners next week- Minecraft is coming to the Rift!

A Developer of Minecraft Pocket Edition & Windows 10 Edition, Tommaso Checci, made an awesome announcement. Next week, he tweeted, the Oculus Rift will be officially supported.


Mojang already built a version for Oculus’s GearVR headset back in April, so Rift users have been left waiting for many months unable to enjoy Minecraft in virtual reality.

Minecraft in Virtual Reality

Many YouTubers have explored Minecraft in GearVR, leaving many wanting to experience VR Minecraft for themselves.

Before Mojang developed official support for virtual reality headsets, many players had to do with complicated mods running on the PC version. This wasn’t such a polished experience. Now, with official support for both the Rift and GearVR, more people can enjoy a cohesive and polished Minecraft VR experience.

Now we’re just waiting for Minecraft to support Valve & HTC’s Vive!

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