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[News] New Minecraft: Pocket Edition Awards Show?

This can be a rather annoying topic to some, seeing as past pocket edition award shows have all completely failed, leaving no room for people’s patience; but could this one be different?

I try to keep the articles I write here on MCPE Stuffs 100% honest, and unbiased. With that being said, I have no clue if this time’s awards event will succeed. My intentions with this post are not to promote the PEAwards, but instead to share the news that this is what’s going on.

The show is being setup and hosted by zBqtu. He explains to MCPE Stuffs that the date of the event is currently unknown, but whenever it happens, it will be awesome.

We are setting up the server with advanced plugins, all being made by our developer.

Like past Minecraft: Pocket Edition awards shows, people will be able to purchase tickets to access the server that the event will be hosted on. Everybody can vote for their favorite mod developers, favorite servers, and so on via forms.

This all sounds great, but what’s the scary (and rather annoying) part to all of this? The answer: history. As stated earlier, past MC:PE awards shows have failed, leaving the community with no hope for the future of these types of events. One example of this is the Blocky Awards.

Good luck to zBqtu and the PEAwards; we wish them the best. You can stay updated by following the event on Twitter.

Update: The PEAwards have no opened up voting, so you can vote for your favourite nominees on this form.

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