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#TBT – Remember MCPE Lite?

Who else remembers the MCPE Lite version? Back in the old days, you could download the lite version for free and experience a really, really, really limited version of MCPE.

The lite version was only up to date with 0.2.1, and was missing world saving, so you couldn’t do any long term building.


There was only a few blocks to choose from, and the world size was limited to 256×256 blocks- very different to the infinite worlds we have now. Gravel and sand didn’t even fall either!

The lite version was also missing one of the most important Minecraft features- crafting itself. You could only collect natural blocks, but for everything that would usually need crafting, you already had an infinite amount of them.

Newer versions of MCPE are far better than the old ones, but it’s always interesting to remember what Minecraft used to be like, back before Minecraft was as popular as it is today.

Unfortunately, the lite version was removed from the app stores in 2014, so you can’t download it anymore. But if you’re clever, I’m sure you’ll find a way to play MCPE Lite again.

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  • Yovany commented on 13/08/2016 Reply

    I remember when my friend gave his android to me! But,that was the beginning that I liked MCPE

  • Duncan commented on 11/08/2016 Reply

    Gosh, I remember playing that.
    I have been playing MCPE for quite a while…

    And I still don’t own PC version.

    • imnofox commented on 11/08/2016 Reply

      I remember first playing Minecraft in the Lite version- good times!

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