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[Tutorial] 0.16.0 Beta FILL Command!

The new 0.16.0 beta has a really cool new feature- a bunch of commands! A really useful one is the fill command, which lets you fill a giant area with blocks.

Usually, we had to use mods like WorldEdit PE to fill large areas with blocks, so it’s wonderful that this is now in vanilla Minecraft PE.

In the video above, AdventureGamingHQ shows us how to make a humongous thing of TNT to explode, simply by using the fill command.

Step 1: Find the 2 coordinates

To tell the game what area you want filled, you’ll need two coordinates- one from each corner.region

This is easily explained by the diagram on the right. Position 1 is one corner of your box and position 2 is the opposite corner!

To find the coordinates, head to each spot and run the command:

/tp ~ ~ ~

The squiggly lines mean you’ll teleport to the exact same location that you’re already in. Once you run the command, the coordinates will appear in the chat. It’s a good idea to write these down so that you don’t forget them!

Step 2: Fill the area with TNT!

Now here’s the fun part!

Using the fill command in the 0.16.0 beta

Simply run the fill command as shown in the screenshot above, but make sure to replace the coordinates in the command with the coordinates you found in the last step!

For example, if your first coordinate was 100,100,100 and your second coordinate was 200,200,200, your command would look like this:

/fill 100 100 100 200 200 200 tnt

You can replace ‘tnt’ with any block, even lava, but TNT is obviously the most fun.

After running that command, you’ll have a giant cube of TNT, just waiting to be blown up.

If the written tutorial’s a bit confusing, don’t be alarmed! Just watch AdventureGamingHQ‘s video above. If you don’t have the 0.16.0 beta, but still want to try it out, you can find out how to get the betas here.

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