[News] Minecraft Addons Officially Coming to Vanilla MCPE

Finally, a long-awaited feature is coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. Minecraft addons! Minecraft addons are an officially supported easy way to modify the game to your liking. Instead of writing complex scripts, addons can be made just be editing a few configuration files and drawing fancy textures.

Imagine what you could do with Minecraft Addons!

The video above shows how it could be used to make extremely unique animals with amazing features. Exploding pigs, giant creepers, and more! Soon, Mojang will release some even better addons to show off all the abilities.

The official Xbox website reports that addons will be supported in 0.16.0, which is being released on the 18th of October. This is only a few weeks away! Update 0.16.0 is now known as the Boss Update, as it brings Withers, Guardians, and now addons. We’ll probably see addons even sooner in upcoming 0.16.0 betas.

Huge alien charges at players in the Alien Encounters addon.

The addons homepage states that soon they will have two jam packed addons to play with. One is an alien invasion, and the other is a castle siege. The castle siege addon is made by gamer SethBling, the Mindcrack team, and built by the amazing Blockworks build team. Blockworks are very skilled, and are known for building things like this sick rollercoaster.


Possibly the coolest feature of addons is that they work on Minecraft Realms. The owner can install any addon they like, and it will work for all players. This means that instead of fiddling with PocketMine plugins, server owners can instead easily just run Minecraft addons. One more reason to buy a realm!

Using Addons

To use an addon you’ve installed in an existing world simply follow these 3 steps.

  1. Open Minecraft and click “Play”
  2. Click the “edit world” icon to the right of the world name
  3. Select the “Add-Ons” tab, and select the Add-Ons you’d like to apply.

Soon, you’ll be able to design your own addons by downloading templates from Minecraft’s website.

How do Minecraft addons work?

The addons FAQ explains this well.

All mobs are made up of components that define their appearance and behavior. For instance, a chicken has behaviors that make it attracted to seeds, and a model that makes it look like a chicken. With Add-Ons, you can take any existing component of a mob and remix them across other mobs. For example, you could add a ridable component to the chicken to ride it.

Cool, huh? Because of how unlimited addons could be, Mojang already advises you to test addons on new worlds. Otherwise, you might accidentally blow up your house!

I honestly can’t wait to explore the addons ecosystem. I’ll definitely try to make some, and we’ll be sharing our favourites often.

Comment below what you’ll make!

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