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[Mod] Rideable Spiders Addon Already Available!

Though Minecraft PE 0.16.0 is still in its beta phase, some have already got to work designing unique addons. One of those is the rideable spiders addon, which lets the player ride spiders, much like a horse!

Though you can likely run faster than a spider, it is still fun and looks really cool to ride spiders around your Minecraft world.

How to use rideable spiders

They’re mounted just like a horse. Long-tap the spider to show the ‘Mount’ button. If you then press that button, you’ll start your spider ride.

Controlling the spiders direction may seem impossible, but it’s actually very simple. By holding a spider eye item in your hand, the spider will follow whatever direction you look.

An exampel of rideable spiders.

This addon was designed by Ayrtown_Karlos. Download it below!

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