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[News] 0.16.0 Update for MC:PE STILL Not Out on iOS

While the 0.16.0 update came out a couple of days ago for Android and Windows users, iOS players are still waiting for this monumental update to roll out to their iPhones and iPads. The developers definitely uploaded the new version to the App Store, but Apple’s taking their sweet time to approve this update.

So why is this update taking so much longer? The best guess is that Apple’s being very careful in checking over the new plugins and addons feature. Apple is very cautious when it comes to security flaws, and allowing apps to run special third party code like Minecraft 0.16.0’s plugins could open new doors for hackers. If Mojang accidentally left one security hole in their plugin API, it could be used to do bad things to devices.


No 0.16.0 update to be seen!

No 0.16.0 update to be seen!

With this new feature, Apple will likely always take longer to approve Minecraft PE updates then they use to before the 0.16.0 update. Every time, they’ll have to check over the code to make sure no plugins can exploit the system.

So what now?

Developer Tommaso Checci ran a poll on Twitter, asking users whether updates should be released at the exact same time, or have Apple users wait. Surprisingly, most people think updates should wait and be released on all platforms at once.

Personally, I think that is silly. Android users shouldn’t have to wait for Apple to catch up. If Apple users want to get the updates faster, they should buy an Android. It’s unfair to make other people wait when it’s not their fault.

What do you think Mojang should do? Should Apple users just have to wait because Apple takes a long time to approve it? Or should Mojang just make Android & Windows users wait until Apple finally approves the iOS version?

How should Mojang release updates?

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  • TheBrickDragon commented on 29/10/2016 Reply

    I just don’t think it is fair for us Win10/Android users to have to wait because we chose the better operating systems. :p. (No offense Apple users.)

    I don’t think it is fair to have us wait though.

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