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[Mod] More Chairs Addon- Awesome Models!

This is the first furniture and chairs addon using the new 0.16.0 addons feature. It introduces four unique chairs to the game, with amazing models and textures that fit in great with any creation you build. It was created by GentaMCPE, and is definitely amazing.

The only problem with this addon is that it unfortunately replaces a few mobs. Wither skeletons, creepers, strays, and husks are all replaced by these cool chairs.

Modern grey stools from the more chairs addon.

As such, to place a chair, you just need to use the corresponding spawn egg.

Spawn Eggs

Spawn egg Chair
Wither Skeleton Bar Stool
Creeper Red Chair
Stray Wooden Chair
Husk Wooden Bar Stool

Comfy red chairs from the more chairs addon.

Using the chairs is a bit weird. To sit on a chair, you have to use a cookie to mount the chair like a minecart. Then, you can change the chair’s direction by looking around, and you can also move the chair by pushing it around.

To install this addon, download it from the link below, and read through our addon installation tutorial. Remember, you need the new 0.16.0 update to use addons.

Get it- More Chairs Addon


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