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Convert resource packs with the resource converter app

[Tutorial] Convert Resource Packs from PC for Pocket Edition

Our friend ChrisMCMine over at has updated his super useful app for converting and installing Minecraft PC resource packs on your Android device. An app to convert resource packs is very handy, as you don’t need to manually rearrange and edit files just to run a cool resource pack in Minecraft PE.

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This app is really easy to use. To convert a resource pack, there’s only a few simple steps.

How to convert resource packs

  1. Tap the ‘Pick a PC resource pack .zip‘ button
  2. Look through your files and select the PC resource pack
  3. Tap the ‘Convert to Pocket Edition resource pack‘ button
  4. Tap the ‘Apply‘ button
  5. The resource pack will now be available to use in Minecraft PE!

Do note that the app is only for Android, and PC resource packs should be in the format of Minecraft 1.10 resource packs. As of writing this article, the app converts resource packs to the MCPE 0.16.0 format.

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