[Mod] Giant Mobs Addon for MCPE: GigaMobs

Has anyone here read Gulliver’s Travels? With the big people and little people? This addon introduces the experience of walking amongst the feet of giant mobs.

The GigaMobs addon turns all the normal mobs into gigantic animal giants. Chickens are bigger than humans! Horses are humongous! Everything is big!

Most of these new giant mobs also have much more health, and the hostile ones are generally far stronger than before.

Some of the giant mobs

Along with the big new size, creepers also make much larger and deadlier explosions. You certainly don’t want to be anywhere near those guys!

Strangely, this addon also allows you to tame skeletons. Simply tame one with a bow, and it will turn into a wither skeleton, who will guard you forever!

This addon is pretty impressive, and is definitely a bunch of fun. Check it out below!

Get it- GigaMobs Addon


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