[News] Minecon Addons Panel: Watch Now!

At Minecon, addons were a big announcement for Minecraft PE. A central event was the Minecon addons panel. which showed off the entire addons system. You can now watch the entire panel in the video above.

Addons are a cool new feature that let you totally change how mobs work. It’s only available in the 0.16.0 beta, and will be further improved in the updates to come.

Creeper jockeys attacking the player from the Minecon addons panel

Mojang have already announced two addons to try out when 0.16.0 comes out. One is an Alien Encounter experience, while the other is a fun Castle Siege game. Lots of players have already created awesome addons, such as the penguins addon or the rideable spiders addon.

The video above shows how quick it is to make unique changes. You can read our article about addons here.


After 20 minutes in the panel, developer Searge shows off the more difficult kind of addons: plugins. Plugins are so much more advanced, requiring experience with the C# programming language. It will be amazing to see what kind of radical changes plugins allow players to add.

The Minecon addons panel showed us a relatively simple plugin that just reacts to messages in the chat. All it does is repeat the message back in the chat, but that’s a very simple example. It may look pretty daunting to some people, but others may be already planning what they’re going to make!

What are you gonna make with Minecraft’s new addons feature? Exploding sheep, anyone?

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  • TheBrickDragon commented on 08/10/2016 Reply

    I’m looking forward to these myself. I would love to change the over world so much that you are unable to live there. I’m hoping to be able to make 50 block tall hostile chickens that shoot fireballs. Wouldn’t that be amazing? lol

    • imnofox commented on 08/10/2016 Reply

      That would be pretty amazing.

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