Minecraft cars addon

[Mod] Minecraft Cars Addon

With the new addons feature in the 0.16.0 update, so many players are inventing new ways to experience the game. One of the coolest addons we’ve seen is the Minecraft cars addon. It’s a very simple addon, but definitely fun.

This addon introduces three different coloured cars. One green, one red, and one purple.

Using the cars

To spawn a car, you simply use the corresponding spawn egg.

  • Red Car = Stray egg
  • Blue Car = Wither Skeleton egg
  • Green Car = Skeleton egg

The cars are mounted like a regular horse or pig, so you just need to tap the ‘Mount’ button. To steer and make the car go, you just need to hold the ‘Key’. It’s pretty simple.

A race track map is also supplied, so you have the perfect place to try the cars out.

Get it- Mine-Car Addon


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  • Oliver Zyra commented on 07/01/2017 Reply

    Will it work out

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