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[Tutorial] Spawn Eggs for ANY Entity in the 0.16.0 Beta

With the new 0.16.0 beta, there’s a bunch of new tricks to discover and exploit. One of these is the ability to create spawn eggs for any entity. Animals, monsters, but also technical entities like fireballs, boats, and TNT.

I saw the video by RageElixir showing how to make a couple of special eggs, but I noticed that the numbers he used were actually entity IDs. So I tried it out with other entity IDs, and they work too!

How to get special spawn eggs

The command is very simple. Just run /give @p spawn_egg 64 <id>. You can replace the ID with any of the numbers in the table below.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”1″ class=””]

My favourite spawn eggs are the fireballs. The blaze fireballs are really cute, but the the ghast fireballs are massive. The experience orb spawn eggs are pretty cool too, as they’re just like XP bottles.

Blaze fireballs created by special spawn eggs! Huge ghast fireballs created by special spawn eggs!

Which spawn eggs are you going to use? They’re pretty cool, so thanks to RageElixir for showing off this cool feature. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

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