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[Map] Woodland Mansion in MCPE from Minecraft 1.11!

Minecraft PC 1.11 features an extremely unique and rare structure, found only in the roofed forest. This new structure is called the ‘Woodland Mansion’, and is absolutely amazing. It has a bunch of unique randomly generated rooms, so every mansion is different. It is the only place where the Vindicator, Evoker, and Vex mobs naturally spawn. These are some super cool hostile mobs we don’t even have in Minecraft PE yet, but hopefully we’ll have them in an update soon!

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Most woodland mansions have 2-3 floors, and all have a cobblestone foundation. Otherwise, all the rooms and the layout of the room is totally random and unique. It’s pretty cool.

MCPE Woodland Mansion Map

Though this experience isn’t yet available in Minecraft PE Goreckicraft123 and Mr Blockcrafter put the effort in to port one of these mansions to an MCPE map, so it can be fully experienced before it’s properly in the game.

As the PC version of the map is home to a variety of special mobs not found in Pocket Edition, the designers used 0.16.0’s addons feature to add these entities to the map. It also uses some blocks only available in 0.16.0.

Woodland Mansion custom mobs

That of course does mean you’ll need the 0.16.0 beta to use this map. You can easily download that for Android by checking out this tutorial.

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