Missing Features: What’s MCPE got left to add?

There’s been a lot of rapid progress made over the last few years, and Minecraft Pocket Edition is nearing feature parity with the desktop edition. Now that the 1.0.0 beta builds are available, even more huge features have been added to the game. So what’s left to go? Reddit user Ememko_CZ went to the effort of compiling a visual list of all the missing features in Minecraft PE.

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There’s a couple of structures in the desktop version of the game that Pocket Edition doesn’t have just yet.

Spine fossil Woodland MansionOne of these structures is fossils. These can be found anywhere underground, and are made of a special bone block.

The other is the woodland mansion. These are huge mansions found in roofed forests, filled with many different rooms. Inside, evokers, vindicators, and vexes will spawn.


LlamaThere are a few mobs missing too. One of these is the llama. Llamas are a very useful animal, as they can be used to carry chests of cargo.

Other mobs missing from MCPE are the aforementioned evokers, vindicators, and vexes. These are strange villagers and monsters with magical abilities. Be careful around them- they’re rather hostile.


There are a range of blocks still missing from Minecraft PE.

A range of blocks tahat are missing features in MCPE

From left to right, top to bottom, these are: structure blocks, magma blocks, nether wart block, red nether bricks, bone blocks, coarse dirt, armour stands, jukeboxes, stained glass, banners, shulker boxes, and command blocks. Blocks like stained glass will require extensive re-coding, so will take a long time to be added.

Hopefully we’ll see these in an update soon!

Items and Enchantments

Items that are missing features in MCPE

MCPE is also still missing a wide range of enchantments, potions, and other items. I can’t wait to finally get shields! It is odd that MCPE now has Elytra, but no mending enchantment to go with it.


While MCPE already has plenty of useful commands, it’s still missing a bunch.

  • /achievement
  • /ban
  • /ban-ip
  • /banlist
  • /blockdata
  • /clear
  • /debug
  • /defaultgamemode
  • /difficulty
  • /effect
  • /entitydata
  • /gamerule
  • /kick
  • /locate
  • /me
  • /pardon
  • /particle
  • /playsound
  • /publish
  • /replaceitem
  • /save-all
  • /save-off
  • /save-on
  • /scoreboard
  • /seed
  • /setidletimeout
  • /spreadplayers
  • /stats
  • /stop
  • /stopsound
  • /tellraw
  • /testfor
  • /title
  • /trigger
  • /whitelist
  • /worldborder

It would be quite cool to have the /worldborder. With command blocks, the awesome Captive Minecraft maps could be ported to MCPE! Some of these will be very easy for the developers to add and will probably be added very soon.

Other stuff

There are a few other things missing right now, such as villager trading and dual wielding mechanics. There are more minor features too, like bonus chests and world presets, which we will hopefully coming soon.

As Ememko_CZ wrote, “See you on the next update!”.

The 1.0.0 beta program is available to join here. By joining the beta program, players can experience new features before anyone else.

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