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[Mod] Polar Bears Addon: Extremely Wild Pets!

If you’ve ever thought the cold snowy tundras of Minecraft Pocket Edition were too empty and lonely, this new addon will be very appealing to you. The big new feature that this addon introduces is polar bears! These big white bears roam the snow, hungry for fish, yet surprisingly friendly.

This neat addon was made by Gona.

So, where are these polar bears?

This addon simply replaces everyday cows with the new polar bears. Therefore, you should be able to find the bears all over the world, wherever normal cows would spawn.

A family of polar bears in one of their natural habitats

A family of polar bears in one of their natural habitats

Can I keep it? Tame it?

One of the best features of this addon is that it lets you easily tame polar bears to keep them like pets. Why have a pet dog when you can have a huge polar bear?! It’s really easy to do.

You can tame a polar bear using fish, much like taming a wolf with a bone. Just hold some fish, and press the ‘Tame’ action button shown when you look at a bear. Every attempt at this has a 1 in 4 chance of succeeding.

One benefit of taming a bear is that it has 33% more health than a regular untamed polar bear. Wild bears can have up to 20 hearts, while tamed polar bears can have up to 30 hearts. This makes it especially useful for it’s next trick.

Your own polar guard!

Tamed polar bears will try and defend you from any evil monsters or players that are threatening you.

When a polar bear is harmed, you can feed the bear raw fish to heal the animal. Remember though, if you attack your tamed bear, even by accident, it will try to kill you. Be careful when dealing with dangerous animals!

Polar car?

Another handy feature of polar bears is that you can ride them around. Tamed bears can be mounted and directed using a basic stick. They’re surprisingly fast for such a big beast! Beware though, the polar bears have no brakes, so will continue running wherever you point them.

A player riding a polar bear

Breeding and killing

Despite the cold environments they like to live in, polar bears are good for breeding. Like other animals, you can breed polar bears by feeding raw fish to two tamed bears. Then, simply let the magic work.

The cub that the bears produce will automatically be tamed, and you can make the cub grow faster by feeding it more fish.

If you ever get sick of your pet bear, there is some benefit to murdering the bears. Each bear has a 75% chance of dropping a couple pieces of raw fish, and a 25% chance of dropping some raw salmon.

This addon is a great example of the amazing things the new addons feature can let players make. The polar bears have so many cool features, and I definitely hope more players create cool things like this.

Get it- Polar Bears Addon


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