[Texture] Solar System Planet Skies Resource Pack

The skies sure are empty, and the moon sure is lonely. Luckily, the solar system skies resource pack solves this problem by putting a new planet from the solar system in place of the moon.

Usually, the moon goes through 8 phases, such as crescent moons, quarter moons, and full moons. This resource pack replaces each one of those phases with one of the planets in our own solar system.

This beautiful resource pack was made by MCPEAlpha.


Below is the order of all the planets, exactly like the order in our solar system.

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This resource pack also changes the sun to be more realistic, so the sky will always be unique.

You can try and find each planet by running the /time add <amount> command. It’s very difficult to manually find each one, so good luck.

Jupiter looks pretty amazing in the night sky- it would be great to build a house under!

Download it from the link below!

Get it- Solar System Skies


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