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[News] Addon Features New in Minecraft PE 1.0

In the new big 1.0.0 ‘Ender Update’, there’s a few new addon features for developers to take advantage of.

World templates

This is a new way to share custom maps and worlds. To make a world template, zip up a world folder and give it the .mcworld extension. When installed, these templates show up on the world creation screen to make playing and using these worlds extremely easy.

Templates screen, one of the new addon features

Addon packages

Now it’s possible to share multiple addon packs in one simple package. For example, an addon package could include a resource pack, a behaviour pack, and a world template, all in one simple package. Much like a .mcworld file, these are created by zipping up all the addon packs you wish to include, before giving it the .mcaddon file extension.

Errors and warnings

Now it’s much easier for addon developers to find errors and mistakes in their packages. When an invalid addon is imported into the game, users can tap on the ‘Import completed’ alert box to launch the addon validation screen.

The validation screen, one of the new addon features

If the addon is an unzipped folder on your android, you can also access the validation screen by tapping the warning buttons on the resource pack listing.

Warnings can be ignored, but it means they might break in future updates! It’s always best to address all warnings.

Future addon features

There are a few more features lined up for addons. One of the planned features is for resource packs to be able to include game sounds and music. That way, players could make zombies laugh instead of growl!

Mojang also wants to increase the flexibility of behaviour packs for entities. Customisable entity movement, animation, and spawn rules are all on the cards.

The developers are also thinking about increasing the ingame debug options for addons. This would entail greater warnings for invalid addons, and the ability to check entity information during gameplay.

All in all, addons have a glowing future. So much has been added to the game through addons, and there’s clearly a lot of new additions on the horizon.

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