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[Video] Atari emulator in vanilla Minecraft?

SethBling is known for his complex and amazing command block contraptions, but his new creation is on another level. This new build is an Atari emulator, using over 2000 command blocks.

Impressively, the emulator runs actual Atari 2600 games, such as Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. Unfortunately, the games run infuriatingly slow. While the real Atari 2600 could manage 60 frames per second, Seth’s Minecraft Atari emulator runs at around 60 frames per 4 hours. Let’s not be too harsh on it though- it’s insanely amazing.

His emulator has the same amount of memory as the real console, just as a big box of dirt. He builds game cartridges simply out of dirt and gravel, with patterns representing the bits of data. Each block represents a binary value. Seth explains all the technical details in a more advanced second video.

If players want to experience the Atari emulator for themselves, SethBling kindly shared a world download. It took him months to design and build. More advanced users can also use the code he provided to load their own Atari ROMs into the emulator.

Now that we can run Donkey Kong in vanilla Minecraft, what will we see next? Minecraft run inside Minecraft?

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