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[News] Petition to bring back Minecraft Pi Edition launched

3 weeks ago, a petition was started on to try and convince Mojang to restart development on the Raspberry Pi edition. Minecraft Pi was a very basic version on Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi micro-computer, a device used for homemade computerised creations and to help teach coding, especially for young people.

Minecraft Pi edition was released at the end of 2012, and was based on MCPE 0.6.1. This was way before even good lighting and infinite worlds. Minecraft Pi only has creative mode. The most unique feature of the Pi edition was that it had a fun API in the Python programming language, so programmers could write code to make cool things happen in the world. It was kind of like a simpler version of ModPE.

Unfortunately, Minecraft Pi never received another update. After 4 years, Reddit user Extensionlead created a petition to try and bring back the Pi edition. He argues that it should be kept updated because it’s a great way to encourage kids to learn coding.

Many players share his opinion. In a few weeks, the petition already has 260 signatures.

What does Mojang think?

It’s unlikely the petition will change Mojang’s mind. In January, the lead developer of MCPE, Tomasso Checci, stated the project is abandoned. He says all the Pi edition code has been removed from the game, and that it’s become too advanced for the Pi. Tommaso hasn’t ruled it out yet though. He also says it could be revisited one day, but that it’s very unlikely.

On newer models of the Raspberry Pi, a stripped back version of Windows 10 can be run. As Tommaso says, the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft could be run on the Pi that way. However, the Windows 10 edition has no external API, so can’t be used to help teach coding.

While MCPE now has a plugin API for developers to write mods, these can’t communicate with the rest of the system, and uses a language which isn’t as accessible as Python.

In 2015, Mojang teamed up with to promote learning programming to kids. There’s no doubt Mojang are supportive of kids learning to code.

Earlier this year, the Raspberry Pi foundation finally passed the 10 million sales mark. It’s a very popular device. Mojang should certainly reconsider their lack of support for the Pi.

The petition can be found at this page. If you think Mojang should bring back support for the Pi edition, feel free to sign it!

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