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The Broville city

Broville: 4+ years worth of building

Since 2012, over 60 talented Minecraft builders have collaborated to build this amazing city. Broville is a North-American styled city, with over 800 unique buildings. What’s even more amazing, is that every single block was placed by hand. No scripts or WorldEdit.

The map was started in 2010 as a simple series of interconnected buildings. Over the years, the project grew to become a giant city, filled with surprises and creativity.

Throughout the city, players can discover hidden ancient lost ruins, secret military complexes, and many other surprising discoveries. The city is also filled with complex redstone and command block contraptions to totally enhance the city’s experience.

If you search hard enough, things may get creepy. In some places, evil abandoned laboratories hide. These complexes are filled with discomforting stranger things.

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Broville is gigantic

The downloadable file is huge! It feels like the city goes on forever, which makes the fact that it’s entirely hand built more impressive. Every building is filled with clever and well thought out details. All these blocks are placed on entirely custom terrain, giving it a unique and interesting island to work with.

The Broville continent

While the city appears to have been finished by the builders, there’s still plenty of room to expand it west. However, that land isn’t quite as empty as it looks, with beautiful scenery and plenty of hidden secrets & surprises.

The team is also very permissive in what players can do with the map. Just link back to their website, and you can use it for anything.

There’s transport everywhere

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These various maps show just how expansive Broville city is. There are roads and metro lines everywhere. You could walk around this city for weeks, even months, without finding everything.

if you think this PC map is awesome as much as I do, definitely download it below.

Get it- Broville City


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