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[News] Fallout Mash-Up Pack Coming to MC Console Edition

Fans of Bethesda Softworks’ popular game Fallout will rejoice to find out that the console edition of Minecraft is getting a special Fallout themed mash-up pack.

The pack includes a range of post-apocalyptic post-nuclear skins and textures, plus a unique Fallout map.

Minecraft Fallout Pack

Mojang’s screensheet of the block textures

It includes 44 unique skins to choose from. All are based on characters from the game series, including Fawkes the philosophical supermutant, Paladin Cross, Jangles The Moon Monkey, and Vault Boy.

All of Minecraft’s menus have also been given a makeover. It’s all been redesigned to look like the Pip-Boy, the futuristic wrist-mounted computer found in the game.

Minecraft Fallout Interface

Mojang’s screenshot of the new UI

All good things come at a cost! This pack will cost $5.99 USD on all consoles.

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