[News] Fireworks as Weapons in New 1.11.1 Snapshot

If you look closely in the new Minecraft 1.11.1 (that’s a lot of ones!) 16W50A snapshot changelog, you may notice that there’s a new change to firework rocketss. While ambiguous, it simply says “there is a new use for the fireworks, but remember to be careful when handling explosives”.

Reddit user SirBenet certainly noticed this change, and discovered that firework rockets can now be used as weapons.

The gif above by SirBenet shows that the rockets can be extremely deadly. When launched at a player, the fireworks take away 8 hearts. It’s definitely enough to kill a Ghast!

Back when firework rockets were added to game in 2012, many wanted them to cause damage. They only had to wait just over 4 years!

SirBenet also discovered that fireworks will ‘stick’ to you until they explode if you’re wearing Elytra. You can effectively become a flying creeper!

Fireworks machine gun?

Another Reddit user has designed a firework rocket machine gun. This will be very useful in war, allowing you to pummel your enemies with rockets.


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