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[Map] Gigantic Spaceship: The United Citadel

Holy cow. This spaceship is massive.

For nearly 3 years, Norzeteus has been building this absolutely astounding spaceship, aptly named The United Citadel.

The interior is beautiful. Much of the central halls have a delightful balance between nature and the futuristic grey facilities expected of a intergalactic ship.

The spaceship’s utterly beautiful

The ship has everything anyone need for a long space journey. It has two big pools. Sleeping pods. A library. A hospital. Escape pods. A police station. Offices. Apartments. Some even luxury!

Physics classroom on the spaceship

It even has classrooms, like the physics classroom in the picture above. You can see the beautiful modern and futuristic design everywhere in the map, providing solid and valuable inspiration for your own creations.

The only flaw is that you can see the ground from the ship. But as that’s my only complaint, it’s clear how amazing this creation is.Futuristic garden in the spaceshipYou can download this spectacular spaceship from PlanetMinecraft using the link below.

Get it- The United Citadel


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