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[News] Iron Nuggets: The Newest Feature in Minecraft

Iron Nugget.pngOne of the neatest features in the 16W50A snapshot, AKA 1.11.1, is the iron nugget. Iron nuggets introduce a handy way to recycle and reuse old iron gear such as swords and armour.

This snapshot also extends this feature to gold nuggets. Both iron and gold items can be smelted into metal nuggets.

Nine iron nuggets can be crafted from one iron ingot, just like gold ingots & gold nuggets.

The most useful part is that any iron item, such as armour, tools or chain armour, can be smelted in a furnace to form one iron nugget. This is now the same for gold.

These nuggets aren’t useless! Like gold nuggets, nine iron nuggets can be crafted into one bigger iron ingot.

Though small, this is definitely a great addition to Minecraft. I love to see iron get the same handy features that gold has.

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