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Minecraft on Fire TV

[News] MCPE for Fire TV GONE, Replaced With Expensive Fire TV Edition

While MCPE has been available for many years on the Amazon Fire TV, Mojang has now decided to scrap it. It’s being replaced with a more expensive version called the Fire TV Edition. While both editions are exactly the same on the Fire, the big difference is the price. The Pocket Edition has always been $6.99 USD, but the new Fire edition is a huge $19.99 USD. That’s nearly three times the price!

Though this price increase is shocking, users who bought MCPE on the Fire TV before December 19th are eligible to get the new $20 edition totally free. The product page states that if you have trouble, you may need to contact Amazon Support. Many users have had trouble with this, so some have asked for promotional codes to ensure they don’t pay the $20, or have just been refunded after they were charged.

The Fire TV edition isn’t being received well. The majority of it’s reviews are just one star. Many users are complaining that by moving to the new version, all their in-app purchases such as skins and resource packs are lost. But all is not lost. A Mojang representative stated in a reply “Apologies for the inconvenience of the in-app purchases. I believe Amazon is working on a fix to resolve this in some way“, so this should be fixed soon.

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