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MCPE 1.0.2 is just a bunch of boring bugfixes...

[News] Boring Bugfixes: MCPE 1.0.2 Update Released

It’s the first update for all devices following the monumental release of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0… and it’s pretty boring. This version is simply a wide range of small bugfixes.


Yep, there’s nothing here. Here’s the list of bugfixes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Endermites will now attack from 8 blocks away
  • The “/locate” command will now work for Strongholds
  • Fixed an issue with Lingering Potions not being able to be poured into or scooped out of Cauldrons
  • Fixed the item swing animation occurring when the inventory is closed
  • Horses can once again climb up blocks in every direction
  • Using Lingering Potions to craft Tipped Arrows now creates the correct Tipped Arrow
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to download music (Android only)
  • The Achievements screen layout will now display properly (Fire TV only)
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen if a large chest changed size as someone else was opening it
  • The Enderman will no longer teleport after death
  • Skeletons and Strays will now deal damage based on difficulty level
  • Skeletons and Strays will now avoid Wolves
  • Fixed an issue when touch controls would suddenly look down
  • Fixed a crash when spawning a Villager using an egg and wearing enchanted armor
  • Projectiles now work properly in multiplayer games
  • Item frames can no longer be used to duplicate items
  • Mobs will no longer become invulnerable when hit with an invisibility potion
  • Players will no longer fall when re-entering a game after using Elytra
  • Fixed a crash when dyeing Sheep on Realms
  • Fixed losing an empty bucket when milking a cow in multiplayer
  • Skull projectiles can now be deflected back at the Wither
  • The Wither will now face the player it has targeted
  • Fixed missing End Crystals in some imported worlds
  • Fixed the time it takes for chickens to lay eggs
  • Mobs can no longer be hit after they die
  • Fixed an issue when ‘.mctemplate’ and ‘.mcaddon’ files were not associated with Minecraft during import (iOS only)

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  • tarnavskiysergey228 commented on 12/04/2019 Reply

    Класс пацани молоци

  • super mario commented on 21/01/2017 Reply

    Wow! Update?

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