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[News] Console Edition KILLS the Nether Ceiling

In version 1.39 of Minecraft’s Console Edition, 4j Studios have removed use of the Nether ceiling.

What is the ‘Nether ceiling’?

Before version 1.2.1 of the PC version, the height of the world was only 128 blocks. After that version, the height was increased to 256 blocks. While the overworld’s height was changed, the height of the Nether was not. That means, the Nether is using only half of the available vertical space. Above the bedrock ceiling of the Nether is an expansive 128 block high area with absolutely nothing in it. Because the entire floor is bedrock, this is a great place for building complex and efficient gold farms.

Why have they removed it?

Unfortunately for console users, 4J Studios stopped allowing players from removing blocks by hand above the Nether ceiling. It turns out, they also meant to disable placing blocks as well.

The developers have justified this change, stating “The top section of the Nether was never intended to be accessible by the user. This area was removed to allow for additional space in memory [RAM] to accommodate the expanded end”.

It’s great that they are trying to optimise the game to allow for a bigger End dimension, but it really sucks that to have chosen to do this by removing such a popular and useful unintended feature.

Hopefully, 4J Studios will find a way to bring this great feature back.


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