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Hotbars pane in Minecraft 1.12

[News] Minecraft 1.12: Switch Between Hotbar Setups

There’s a new update in the works, and that’s Minecraft 1.12. Many are excited about what might be added to the game. Today lead developers Jens Bergensten, AKA Jeb, shared the first big new feature coming in the next update.

This new feature lets you store hotbar setups for later, so you can toggle between up to 9 ways of laying out your items.

How do you use it?

Switching between layouts in Minecraft 1.12

Pressing Ctrl+(1-9) stores your current hotbar layout under that number. Pressing Shift+(1-9) loads the hotbar setup that is stored under that number.

Hotbars pane in Minecraft 1.12

A new pane in the inventory menu has also been added, allowing players to have a look at their 9 different hotbar layouts.

There’s not yet any release date planned, nor has Mojang announced this update’s theme. So far, the only other announced feature is they have tried to “make it easier to get the “correct” painting when placing paintings“.

What feature do you want to see in Minecraft 1.12? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • unknown man #3 commented on 20/03/2017 Reply

    so, if saved toolbar tab is there where is resources tab on inventory?

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