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[News] New Minecraft Launcher Needs Testing!

No more Java in the Minecraft launcher! Finally, Mojang have finished their new Minecraft launcher.

So why is there even a new launcher?

Didn’t the old one work fine? Well, nearly.

Late last year, developer Dinnerbone released a testing version of the new launcher, and explained some of the reasons for the upgrade.

He simply stated that the old launcher was ugly, awkward to use, and missing important features.

The current java launcher has never satisfied us; it looks bad and it really doesn’t provide a good user experience. We wanted to change that, and to make a product that we can better maintain going forwards. Besides, it lets your change your skin!

It’s clear that this new launcher is a great improvement.

Some of the cool new features of the new launcher

Above are some screenshots of the brand new launcher. It’s pretty sexy.

Now it’s much easier to choose the version of Minecraft you want to play. The launcher now has a neat and tidy menu for choosing snapshots, release versions, and even old beta versions.

It’s also much easier to change your Minecraft skin. The new Minecraft launcher now has a tidy page for viewing and updating your skin, without having to visit the Minecraft website.

From the technical side of things, the new launcher also makes maintaining Minecraft much easier for the developers. This launch now bundles in the latest version of Java, ensuring that every player has the latest software needed to run Minecraft perfectly.

Neat! So how can I get it?

As they’re still working out the last few bugs (especially for the Linux version!), the new launcher isn’t yet available on the Minecraft website.

However, if you just can’t wait a short while, you can use the beta download links that we’ve supplied below.

Download links

Otherwise, you can just wait till it shows up on the Minecraft website.


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