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[Map] PortlandMC: Portland Recreated in Minecraft

It’s always pretty cool to see the real world recreated perfectly in Minecraft. And that’s exactly what Reddit users The7thOne and jonathan__az have been doing for the last few months, recreating the Rose City in Minecraft. Welcome to Portland.

PortlandMC – Replica of The Rose City [Minecraft]

The city is being replicated in a 1:1 scale, along with some of the surrounding towns.

Developed by The Realizers, PortlandMC is being built from the ground-up to be a 1:1 scale recreation of Portland and its surrounding areas, including Beaverton, Hillsboro, Vancouver, as well as elements taken from Coastal Oregon, including Cannon Beach, Garibaldi, Astoria (planned), and Tillamook. Part of the NorthwestMC Project.

These guys aren’t just recreating Portland. As part of their ‘NorthwestMC’ project, they’re replicating the city of Seattle in the same scale. They’ve also recreated San Francisco before this.

Where can I play it?

As the map is unfinished, there is not yet any download available. If you want to check this out in game, you can sometimes catch the server online and have a look around. The server’s IP address is You can also see the live map of the world when the server’s online here.

This work in progress map is extremely impressive. I sure can’t wait to see it finished.

Keep Portland Weird.

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  • John Doe commented on 07/04/2017 Reply

    I wonder how much has been built since this post. Probably a lot.

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