Rebellion Medieval Building Pack

[Texture] ‘Rebellion Medieval’ Pack Makes Minecraft Look Real

This neat resource pack may be one of the best things to come out of the Minecraft community all year. It’s called the Rebellion Medieval resource pack, and it looks utterly awesome. When it’s combined with shaders, it’s hard to tell if you’re still playing Minecraft or not.

Minecraft or Skyrim? It's the Rebellion Medieval pack

Look at it! Look. At. It. Diagonal roofs? Stools? Wagon wheels?

This is certainly no ordinary resource pack. PlanetMinecraft user DeChoppy spent a long time working on this, taking inspiration from games such as Skyrim, the Witcher 3, and Deliverance. Don’t think it’s finished, however: it’s only halfway done.

Pretty flowers in the Rebellion Medieval pack

Some of my favourite pieces of this resource pack are the beautiful plants. They look suspiciously real. In any creation, clever placement flowers, trees, and bushes all drastically improve the build. The diverse and realistic colours and shapes of these plants make that effect even stronger.

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Early access

Until the finished release, when it’s 100%, you’ll have to send them a donation to get access to the work in progress pack. Small donations also give you access to status updates and get you put on the supporters list. It’s a bit like a KickStarter.

Once it is finally finished, anyone will be able to download this resource pack for free. It’s important to consider if your computer can handle such a high quality pack. Older hardware may struggle, and you’ll definitely need Optifine installed.

A farm in the Rebellion Medieval pack

Survival mode

While it would be amazing, this resource pack is absolutely no good for survival mode. The Rebellion Medieval pack replaces many special blocks in some odd ways to create the unique look. This makes it ideal for creative building, but truly difficult for survival mode.

Either way, this pack could very well be the next big thing for medieval map builders. It provides so many more opportunities for realistic creations.

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