[Video] SimplySarc: How to ADD New Blocks to Minecraft

Making one of the new blocksAlways a unique Minecraft problem-solver, SimplySarc has figured out how to add new blocks to Minecraft, without having to replace any.

Back in 1.7, map makers could add textures to each data value a block had, but in 1.8 this feature was removed.

This technique uses a few commands, mob spawners, and a custom resource pack. You will need some experience with block models, but it’s otherwise pretty simple.

Commands Used

Freeze the spawner

/blockdata ~ ~ ~ {RequiredPlayerRange:0s}

Add the armour stand

/blockdata ~ ~ ~ {SpawnData:{id:"minecraft:armor_stand", Invisible:0,Marker:1}}

Add the custom ‘block’

/blockdata ~ ~ ~ {SpawnData:{ArmorItems:[0:{},1:{},2:{},3:{id:"minecraft:diamond_hoe",Count:1b,Damage:1s,tag:{Unbreakable:1}}]}}


  "head": {
    "rotation": [ -30, 0, 0 ],
    "translation": [ 0, -30.75, -7.25 ],
    "scale": [ 3.0125, 3.0125, 3.0125 ]

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  • Mike Bl commented on 21/11/2017 Reply

    im not sure were the json stuff goes?

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