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[News] New Colourful and Patterned Blocks in 1.12 17w06a Snapshot

After many months few of snapshots, Mojang have released the first snapshot of 2017. You won’t be disappointed. Let’s run through the new features of the 17w06a snapshot.

Coloured Concrete

There’s two new types of concrete blocks: concrete powder blocks and concrete blocks. Both can be crafted in any colour.

A world made of concrete from Minecraft

Concrete powder recipe in 17w06a snapshot Concrete powder is crafted using 4 sand blocks, 4 gravel blocks, and one piece of dye to give it some colour.

To make a concrete block, just mix a concrete powder block with some running water. The powder will turn totally hard!

Here’s the hard concrete blocks compared to the soft concrete powder blocks:
Concrete.gifConcrete powder.gif

This new block can really add some vibrant colour to your builds!

Despite the 17w06a snapshot being brand new, some clever player have already figured out how to easily farm this cool new block.

Glazed Teracotta Blocks

Terracotta blocks in the 17w06a snapshot

Glazed terracotta.gif

These are now the most interesting and beautiful decorative blocks in Minecraft.

There’s a total of 16 different patterns, one for each dye colour.

To make a Glazed Terracotta block, just stick some stained clay in a furnace and smelt it for a while. Make sure you choose the clay colour carefully, as the different colours match up with different patterns.


Saved Toolbars

Some saved toolbars in the 17w06a snapshot

This new feature lets you store hotbar setups for later, so you can toggle between up to 9 ways of laying out your items.

Switching between layouts in Minecraft 1.12

Pressing Ctrl+(1-9) stores your current hotbar layout under that number. Pressing Shift+(1-9) loads the hotbar setup that is stored under that number.

Hotbars pane in Minecraft 1.12

A new pane in the inventory menu has also been added, allowing players to have a look at their 9 different hotbar layouts.

Pretty handy!

Updated Base Colour Palette

Last, and probably least, Mojang has also made some adjustments to the base colour palette. That means the colours of banners, sheep, and things like maps will have slightly different but better colours.

The textures for wool blocks have also been replaced, so now they also look more vibrant.

1.12 wool textures

New 1.12 wool textures

Old wool textures

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