Android users rejoice! The awesome developer of BlockLauncher Zhuowei Zhang has released a new world converter app for $3.99, which lets you convert a Minecraft PC world to a Minecraft Pocket Edition world.

Obviously, it can only port blocks from 0-128 on the y-axis, as that’s the maximum height on PE. It won’t port entities (such as mobs), sign text, chest/furnace inventories, and blocks that aren’t in Pocket Edition (they get replaced by wool).

World Converter App

There’s no limit to the world size- every chunk that was loaded on PC will be converted in the app. If you really wanna try out some amazing PC creations, definitely buy this app. There’s a demo here, too.

Edit: It’s now available on Google Play too, which is much easier for the majority of Android users. The link’s updated, so if you want it from Amazon, click here. 

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  • Uvuvuvuvufdbe commented on 19/12/2017 Reply

    Ahh you send me a vius app

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