Vader's Stacked Items Pack

[Texture] Stacked Items Resource Pack for PC!

There’s so many clever ways to improve the Minecraft experience using well designed resource packs and mods. This resource pack by Vaderman24 improves the way stacked items are shown in your inventory.

Though it requires some special Optifine features (everyone should have this installed anyway), it quickly makes your inventory look even cooler and clearer.

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The pack works with a wide range of stacked items, as shown in the screenshots above.

Another neat feature of this resource pack is that it also colours enchanted books. Each type of enchantment gets a different colour. This makes it far easier to tell your enchanted books apart.

Enchanted books in Vader's Stacked Items Pack

How to install

This resource pack does require Optifine. It’s a really easy to install mod that improves Minecraft’s performance and adds awesome features for texture pack creators to use.

Download the pack from the link below, and move the file to your resource pack folder.

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