[Mod] Minecraft PE TORNADOES Addon Mod!

Ever felt Minecraft was just too calm? The boring breeze got you down? Too much sun, but not enough fun? Sounds like this tornadoes addon might be right up your street.

This neat addon works by remodelling the Blaze monster, turning it into a spiral of spinning blocks.

One of the tornadoes

If a player gets too close to a tornado, they’re very likely to die- much like in real life.

If they get right in the middle of the tornado, they’ll die instantly.Players are also at risk of being hit by the fiery debris caught in the tornado’s winds.

Unfortunately, because it uses the Blaze, these tornadoes only naturally spawn in the Nether. Tornadoes can still be summoned in the Overworld, through the use of spawn eggs or the /summon command.

This addon was created by MicoLets_MC. It should work with Android, iOS, and all other platforms.

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