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[News] Minecraft Snapshot Adds Taming Birds with Cookies, Worrying Players

The latest Minecraft snapshots for the upcoming 1.12 “World of Colour” update are pretty neat. There’s a wide range of cool new features: the replacement/improvement of achievements, chat narration, the ‘knowledge book’, a bunch of new blocks, and birds.

Cute little parrot birdsThese parrots are pretty neat. These colourful animals flutter around the jungle trees, copying the noises of nearby mobs, dancing to any music.

Players can tame these cute wee guys by feeding them a chocolate chip cookie. After that, players can make the parrot sit on their shoulder, given that the player’s standing still.

The chocolate chip and the birds

This is the primary concern. See, in the real world, chocolate is deadly for birds. When a bird consumes chocolate, they first suffer extreme vomiting and diarrhoea, before suffering seizures and death. Pretty heavy stuff.

So why is this a problem for Minecraft? Well, many have pointed out that Minecraft is very popular with young impressionable children. These young players could easily learn from Minecraft that feeding their pet bird chocolate cookies is the right thing to do. Hundreds of children could inadvertently kill their pet parrot.

Sure, Minecraft can’t be held responsible for such outcomes, but a large number of players would prefer Minecraft to avoid giving young kids the wrong idea.

This issue came to many people’s attention over on the Minecraft community on Reddit. User 1jls’s post describing the problem is now the second most upvoted post in the community, a clear sign that many other users agree that this is a problem. At the moment, the post has 21.5k upvotes.

At this time, there’s been no response from any Minecraft developers, or any other Mojang or Microsoft representatives.

What’s your opinion on this controversy? Should the developers make some changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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