Ice Boat Race

[Map] Awesome Boat Race Map for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2

Ah, the bobsled. A classic olympic sport, and now available in Minecraft Pocket Edition. In this neat map, players compete in a boat race through a long and winding ice track. If you’re an absolute athlete, you’ll be able to reach some extreme speeds.

What’s the objective?

The game is recommended for about 2 to 3 players. The objective for every player is to be the first to reach the finish line and to be first to place their coloured block of wool.

Picture of the boat race track Picture of the boat race track A player in the boat race

This map is great fun, so download it now and get your friends around to challenge them to a high-energy ice boat race. Good luck!


Get it- Boat on Ice Race


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  • Agil commented on 05/02/2019 Reply

    Karna saya ingin mendownload minecraft ini karna saya ingin mencoba shiel di minecraft ini

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