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MCPE Universe screenshot

[News] With MCPE Universe gone, where can I find maps and mods?

Many users will be quite aware that the popular Minecraft Pocket Edition community website MCPE Universe was really shut down after 4 long years of serving the community. Unfortunately, that’s also a big loss for many users, who’ve lost access to a huge database of MCPE maps, mods, seeds, servers, and more.

While we can never restore access to all the content on the site, there are a few alternatives.

MCPEDL screenshot

MCPE DL is somewhat similar to this site, but infinitely more popular. Unlike MCPE Universe, MCPE DL takes a curated approach. The author shares and writes about cool maps and mods the author has found across the Minecraft Pocket Edition community. It’s a great way to easily find the best content, without sifting through some of the lame stuff.

MinecraftHub screenshot

MinecraftHub is much more similar to MCPE Universe, where everyone can submit stuff their made. If it’s especially good, the moderators may choose to feature it. This is great for users too, who just want to quickly find the coolest content. Many will also remember this site as “MCPE Hub”.

Minecraft Forum screenshot

The Minecraft Forum has been around almost forever, but that means it’s totally full of content. The forum structure does make it difficult to find great content, but if you’re persistent you can find some wonderful stuff. Good luck!

Are there any other good sites that I’ve missed? Tell me in the comments below!

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